HBA1c Test

HBA1c Test in Delhi and Gurgaon

A brief on Glycosylated Haemoglobin [HBA1c]

HbA1c represents the average blood glucose level for the past three or four months. HbA1c has been recommended by the International Committee and by the ADA (American Diabetes Association) for diagnosis of diabetes. The measurement of HbA1c is the most accepted indicator of long-term control of blood sugar. The use of HbA1c can avoid the problem of day-to-day variability of measuring glucose values and there is no need for fasting before giving a blood sample. This test may help in early identification and treatment of diabetes. The normal reference range for this test is 4.4 to 6.5 %. Your doctor may use this test to monitor how your body is maintaining the blood sugar levels or if your value is consistently elevated over a certain value & you require any diabetes medication. Usually lifestyle changes such as measuring portion size, carbohydrate intake, making diet plan, as well as exercise regimen are very helpful to lower HbA1c levels.