Dr. Dangs Lab: Enhancing Patient Care with State of the Art Technology & Excellent Expertise

Dr Dangs Lab offers customized, high-quality central laboratory services to pharmaceutical and biotech clinical development through Scientific guidance, efficient project management, state of the art technologies, competent leadership and regulatory know-how. We Possess extensive experience in efficiently managing from small and simple clinical trials to those that are large and complex.

The studies range from academic to the advanced regulatory submission vaccine trials in the domains of public health diseases (both for safety and immunogenicity). Some eminent amongst many are:

  • Large Multicentric Phase 3 vaccine Trial on Tuberculosis
  • Immunogenicity studies for Rotavirus candidate (vaccine)
  • Phase 1, 2 and 3 Vaccine studies for the leading Covid 19 vaccine candidates for authorisation purpose (recombinant)
  • Phase 1 trial on Chikungunya
  • Several PMS studies
  • National sero-survey with prominent DSS sites (ongoing)
  • Reproductive health studies
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Guidance on Test and methodology selection for study protocol development
  • Offer comprehensive menu of accredited tests
  • Fully-harmonized, high throughput instrumentation delivering high quality data
  • Well integrated scientific, technical, and operational teams to execute project seamlessly
  • Method validations and verification of biomarkers/assays
  • Pan India logistics capability for on-time and in-stability shipments
  • Accurate and reliable data management solutions

QA at Dr Dangs Lab is independent of operations. We deliver a structured risk-based approach to planning and conducting compliance assessments by applying the principles of quality risk management (QRM). We oversee the management of quality issues, fostering a culture of continuous process improvement.

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