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Covid Vaccine Cost in Delhi

What about Cost of Vaccine - Barkha Dutt speaks to Dr Navin Dang

In a recent move, the govt. has put a cap on how much the private sector can charge for vaccines. As of now, the vaccine is priced at Rs.250. From this, private hospitals will charge Rs. 100 as service charge. Barkha Dutt talks to Dr. Navin Dang......
Released on : 01/03/2021
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GAPIO award winner Dr Navin Dang

Dr Navin Dang was awarded GAPIO Award - 2020

GAPIO has announced Dr. Navin Dang as the winner of "Excellence in the Diagnostics Category." The Award Function was held on 28th February 2021 at the Global Indian Physicians Congress, 6:00 PM IST Chief Guest for the Award Function was Hon'ble Dr. Harsh Vardhan (Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare). ...
Released on : 28/02/2021
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HT Trail Blazers Awards

Winners of HT Trailblazers awards : Dr.Arjun Dang

Dr Arjun Dang heralded a new era in Covid testing in the country with the launch of the first drive-through Covid-19 testing facility in Punjabi Bagh’s Central Market area, which made the process completely contactless and hassle-free. The lab worked at about 200 percent of its capacity every day during the months of September to November when infections were at the peak. ...
Released on : 20/02/2021
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Gapio Awards - Dr Navin Dang

GAPIO Excellence in Diagnostics Awards 2020 - Dr Navin Dang

We are proud & honored to humbly share that Dr. Navin Dang has been recognized for his dedicated work in the field of Diagnostics. He has been nominated for this prestigious and much-coveted award by the Global Association of Physicians of Indian Origin(GAPIO)-Excellence in the Diagnostic category for the year 2020-2021....
Released on : 09/02/2021
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Awards - Dr Arjun Dang - Dr Dangs Lab

The Hindustan Times Trailblazer Award 2021 : Dr Arjun Dang

At 33 years of age and barely four years as the CEO of Dr. Dangs Labs, Dr. Arjun Dang cuts a confident picture. What it does to the business is for everyone to see, but what it means for his patients is a story that needs to be told. “The recovery to any disease has a lot of psychosomatic roles also in it. The constant motivation, guidance, and accessibility of the doctor are very important. Doctors have to be empathetic towards their patients,” he says....
Released on : 05/02/2021
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Dr Arjun Dangs recipe for change


As Dr. ARJUN DANG – CEO of DR DANGS LAB LLP – takes forward his family legacy of perfection, he catapults the #diagnostics sector into the future: Steadily and surely, one landmark change at a time. Despite the brisk rate of volume growth that marks the journey of Dr. Dangs Lab – an organization founded on the principle of ‘Quintessential Quality Diagnostics’ - Dr. Arjun Dang’s recipe for change is as simple as it is profound: “Let’s create value, not volumes.”...
Released on : 06/01/2021
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Smart testing for coronavirus

Smart testing strategy needed to tackle the pandemic.

India has done a phenomenal job of ramping up daily testing from 30,000 (in April) to the current average of 11 lakh tests a day. This is indeed a great achievement which has been possible due to the swiftness of the government in on-boarding 961 private labs (as of November 20) and increasing testing capacity. A blog by Dr. Navin Dang....
Released on : 16/12/2020
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Bacteria killing therapy

Delhi lab tests for ‘bacteria-killing’ therapy

In a first, Delhi-based Dr. Dang’s Labs has started testing patients for their susceptibility to bacteriophage, a type of virus also referred to as “bacteria eater” because of their ability to infect and kill bacteria. The therapy is an alternative for infections resistant to antimicrobial drugs currently in use....
Released on : 23/10/2020
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Phage therapy

How does phage therapy work?

Phage therapy is an approach to treat bacterial infections and can be used to treat antibiotic-resistant infections. Dr. Dangs Lab has begun bacteriophage susceptibility testing to limit the emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance. According to Dr. Arjun Dang, CEO of Dr. Dangs Lab, phage therapy is an approach to treat bacterial infections and can be used to treat antibiotic-resistant infections. ...
Released on : 23/10/2020
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Bacteriophage susceptibility testing

In a first, Dr Dangs Lab begins bacteriophage susceptibility testing to combat antibiotic resistance

Dr. Dangs Lab, a Delhi-based diagnostic laboratory has begun diagnostic bacteriophage sensitivity testing to equip patients for subsequent therapy to treat antibiotic-resistant infections, with pan-India sample collection services. This initiative will increase accessibility to phage therapy as an extremely effective alternative for the treatment of antibiotic-resistant infections, Dr.Dang told ANI....
Released on : 22/10/2020
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RT-PCR test

What is Ct Value in an RT-PCR test?

Dr. Navin Dang, founder, and chairman of Dr. Dang’s Lab said they were flooded with requests for knowing the CT value. “We try to explain to patients that CT value doesn’t help much in knowing the infectiousness or severity of the disease, but they insist on it. Indian Council of Medical Research and Society of Clinical Microbiologists have also clarified this,” he added. ...
Released on : 03/10/2020
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prescription for covid test

Should a doctor's prescription be mandatory for Covid-19 test?

Hospitals and private labs on Wednesday welcomed the Delhi High Court's order that doctor's prescription will not be mandatory for COVID-19 testing, saying the new system will make the tests "accessible and affordable" to more people in the city. Doctor Arjun Dang, CEO, Dr. Dangs Lab, said testing of COVID-19 without prescription is "the need of the hour" in view of cases re-surging in the national capital....
Released on : 10/09/2020
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covid 19 testing at airports

Delhi, Mumbai airports to partner firms for on-arrival Covid-19 testing

Two of India’s largest airports, Delhi and Mumbai, are trying to find viable alternatives to the current requirement of two weeks’ quarantine for arriving travelers in a bid to reduce their cost burden and spur demand. The airports are in discussions with laboratory chains such as Dr. Dangs Lab to offer ‘Test-on-Arrival’ RT-PCR testing procedures....
Released on : 14/08/2020
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coronavirus FAQs

FAQ: Where Can I Get A Drive-Through COVID-19 Test Done?

One available mode of testing for COVID-19 in India is the drive-through test. Here’s all you need to know about it. Dr. Dangs Lab was the first to offer this drive-through sample collection service in India back in April with a center in Delhi’s Punjabi Bagh. They also have other such makeshift facilities at Saket and near Siri Fort Auditorium in Delhi. ...
Released on : 10/08/2020
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covid drive thru testing centres

All you need to know about drive-through Covid-19 testing centres

The first drive-through in India was set up in April in Delhi's Punjabi Bagh by Dr. Dang’s Lab. Drive-through Covid-19 testing centers allow people to take a coronavirus test within minutes without having to go to a hospital or clinic. Before going for a drive-through test, you have to register online first. Besides, govt ID and doctors prescriptions are mandatory for a request to be approved. Usually, you will get a confirmation you will be allotted a slot and instructions....
Released on : 10/08/2020
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covid 19 Rt pcr test

Experts Explain The Different COVID-19 Tests: Rapid Antigen Vs RT-PCR Test, Which Is Better?

Both RT-PCR test and Rapid Antigen Test lookout for the virus in the sample and are used for the diagnosis of COVID-19. According to Dr. Navin Dang, founder of Dr. Dang’s lab in Delhi, all the tests available in the market for testing of COVID-19 have their own pros and cons but RT-PCR remains the gold standard for testing. Explaining the process of RT-PCR test, Dr. Dang said....
Released on : 07/08/2020

covid 19 virus in Kids

High virus in kids with Covid-19, but are they contagious?

“The role of children and young people in spreading the disease depends on several factors, including their susceptibility to infection, the severity of symptoms, viral load, and social behavior. We need a far better understanding of the role of children in transmission as it has implications on school reopening and restoring some degree social normalcy,” said Dr. Navin Dang, director and senior microbiologist at Dr. Dang’s Lab, Delhi....
Released on : 02/08/2020
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dangs partnership with bharat biotech

Media Coverage of Dr Dangs Partnership with Bharat Biotech

Here is all you need to know about Dr. Dang’s lab partnership with Bharat Biotech for clinical trials of Covaxin: 1) The lab has already started processing samples from 50 to 100 subjects per day from various trial sites for safety testing and will be increasing operations as per assigned timelines to cover 12 sites across the country over this month. 2) The lab is currently processing all samples for screening and safety for the various phases of this clinical trial. 3) The efficacy studies will be performed in the National Institute of Virology in Pune. 4) Stringent quality norms driven by GCLP guidelines are being followed as mandated by regulatory authorities. 5) The lab has renowned experts in each field who are working tirelessly and collectively to provide quality and timely results to fulfill the imminent need for an effective and safe COVID19 vaccine....
Released on : 31/07/2020
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covid - 19 vaccine

Covaxin: Delhi-based Dr Dang selected as central lab for human clinical trials

A Delhi-based private laboratory, Dr. Dangs Lab, has claimed that it has been selected as the central lab for human clinical trials of Covaxin. Covaxin is India's indigenous, Covid-19 vaccine candidate developed and manufactured by Bharat Biotech in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research and the National Institute of Virology....
Released on : 24/07/2020
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health workers - covid 19

Untouchables: how India’s coronavirus testers risk both infection and discrimination

As more Covid-19 tests are conducted in India, health workers say they face discrimination and poor working conditions. Since March this year, Anil Gautam, a phlebotomist and swab technician, has changed into about 10 personal protective equipment (PPE) suits each day as he tests for new coronavirus cases in India’s capital. "They [patients] don’t want you in their homes,” said Gautam, 40, who works for Dr. Dang’s Lab in New Delhi. “Such insensitive behavior makes me want to quit.”...
Released on : 24/07/2020

coronavirus re-infection

Delhi cop’s case sparks debate on re-infection.

Can a person get re-infected by the novel coronavirus? Dr. Navin Dang, consultant microbiologist and founder of Dr. Dangs Lab, hasn’t come across re-infection cases. “One can test positive again due to numerous reasons,” he reasoned. “For example, the presence of dead viral fragments in the nasopharyngeal cavity, as happened in South Korea where some people tested positive a second time after making full recovery from an earlier bout.”...
Released on : 23/07/2020
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covid vaccine screening

Screening begins for vaccine volunteers in Delhi

The company developed Covaxin in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research-National Institute of Virology. Delhi-based Dr. Dangs Lab, which has been selected as the central lab for human clinical trials of Covaxin, said it has already started receiving samples from 50 to 100 subjects per day from various trial sites for safety testing. Pune-based NIV will test the immune response to the vaccine....
Released on : 23/07/2020
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covaxin - covid vaccine

Delhi-based Dr. Dangs Lab partners with Bharat Biotech for human trials of Covaxin

“Stringent quality norms driven by GCLP guidelines are being followed as mandated by regulatory authorities. The lab has renowned experts in each field who are working tirelessly and collectively to provide quality and timely results to fulfill the imminent need of an effective and safe Covid-19 vaccine,” it said....
Released on : 23/07/2020
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covid spread in delhi

New plan to check Covid spread in Delhi: Sero survey every month

Delhi will witness a sero survey during the first five days of every month, starting August 1. Dr. Dangs Lab, which has tested 1,200 people, has found a positivity of 20-25%. “Majority of those who have tested positive are asymptomatic. It is extremely important to understand that the test does not indicate infectivity but is only used for surveillance purposes. It only explains whether the person has been exposed to the virus before. Those who are coming for the test include healthcare workers, other frontline workers, and some professionals who are about to join work,” said Dr. Arjun Dang, CEO, Dr. Dangs Lab....
Released on : 23/07/2020
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covaxin human trials

Dr Dangs Lab chosen as central lab for Covaxin human trials,to check safety of vaccine

Privately-run diagnostics chain Dr Dangs Lab in the national capital has been selected as the central lab for the human clinical trials of Covaxin, an indigenous Covid-19 vaccine being developed and manufactured by Bharat Biotech in collaboration with the country’s apex health research body, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)....
Released on : 23/07/2020
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human clinical trials of covaxin

Dr. Dang's lab partners with Bharat Biotech for human clinical trials of Covaxin

Delhi-Based Dr. Dang's Lab Partners With Bharat Biotech For Human Clinical Trials Of Covaxin. In April, Dr. Dangs Lab also became the first lab in the country to start India's first drive-through testing facility for COVID-19. "Due to COVID-19 cases surging in Delhi-NCR, we started this novel initiative of drive-through testing and we've now established our third facility. This initiative was planned to keep in mind the increasing number of cases and also increase in demand for testing. Anyone with mild or moderate symptoms of COVID-19 can get their test done at this drive-through facility," Dr. Arjun Dang, CEO of Dr. Dangs Lab told ANI....
Released on : 22/07/2020
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antigen test - covid 19

Data shows 18% of -ve rapid antigen results sent for follow-up RT-PCR tests came back +ve

Labs that were overburdened until a month ago from processing RT-PCR results have also hailed the rapid antigen tests. “Rapid antigen testing has been a game-changer in reducing the burden on labs and increasing accessibility. Yes, it yields false negatives, but even the RT-PCR test yields false negatives if the viral load is not enough,” said Dr. Arjun Dang, CEO of Dr. Dang’s Lab....
Released on : 20/07/2020
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coronavirus - myths and facts

Coronavirus is airborne? Myth or Fact

Coronavirus is Air-borne or not. Various myths are being circulated on social media related to the community spread of coronavirus. Here is a debate on NDTV with the CEO of Dr. Dangs Lab, Dr. Arjun Dang. See the video....
Released on : 10/07/2020
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antibody test for covid 19

Private labs allowed to conduct antibody COVID-19 test.

“Most private labs have started offering these tests. But these are only for surveillance, not for diagnosis. To ensure people are aware of this, we make them fill a patient’s form with basic information about themselves, which ends with the ‘not for diagnosis’ bit written in the end in bold.”...
Released on : 10/07/2020
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teleconsultation- healthcare future

Will teleconsultation be the next big thing in healthcare?

Extended working hours, no sleep, hospitals teeming with patients, the risk of getting infected and barely any ‘me time’ — these are just a few things doctors face every day. While one may think this is what their profession entails, the outbreak of Covid-19 has certainly brought about a change in the way we perceive doctors. As Dr Arjun Dang, the CEO of a renowned Delhi-based private lab that is conducting drive-through Covid-19 tests, points out, being a doctor isn’t just about treating a patient, but about care and compassion. “Being a pathologist, I feel every sample received is not just a sample but a human being who has placed all his trust in us and deserves the best. We must not forget that despite the advent of technology, one thing that’s always been the cornerstone of good healthcare is the trust and empathy between doctors and their patients,” he opines....
Released on : 30/06/2020
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