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Antibody tests post-vaccination may not tell the full story

Dr. Navin Dang, founder, and chairman, Dr. Dang’s Lab, said they get 20 to 30 requests for antibody tests from fully vaccinated persons every day. ...
Released on : 21/09/2021
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Dr Navin Dang - Director at DDL

Idea behind Dr Dangs Lab is to serve people: Dr Naveen

Dr. Naveen Dang says that one should embrace technology but one should not let the new technologies bypass them. The inaugural edition of HT NxT, a leadership platform to address key topics that are pertinent to today’s generation on Thursday brought on board Dr. Naveen Dang, Director of Dr. Dangs Lab, New Delhi who started Dr. Dangs Lab in 1985, and his son Dr. Arjun Dang who is the CEO of Dr. Dangs Lab which is currently one of the noted labs in the country. ...
Released on : 19/09/2021
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coronavirus mutants | Dr Dangs Lab

Mutant variant of concern and their impact on COVID-19 testing

Viruses constantly change through mutation. When a virus has one or more new mutations it’s called a variant of the original virus. Currently, several variants of the virus (SARS-CoV-2) that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) are creating concern. Dr. Arjun Dang on VOH....
Released on : 17/09/2021
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No trick of trade in healthcare; it’s reading, updating : Dr. Dang at HTNxt

Set up in Delhi in 1985, by Dr. Navin Dang, at a time when the national capital had only a handful of private hospitals and the concept of an interactive diagnostic laboratory was unheard of, Dang Lab has had many firsts....
Released on : 16/09/2021
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Third Wave of Corona in India

India's Third Wave needs more vaccines | Can we afford to keep Pfizer, Moderna & J&J out

On Monday, the government announced that J&J vaccine production in the country has come to an impasse over the indemnity clause. Representatives further said that indemnity to foreign vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna can be offered only if they provided 100 million doses. Dr. Navin Dang, in discussion with Barkha Dutt....
Released on : 03/08/2021
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shot of hope - covid vaccine

A Shot of Hope - Dr Arjun Dang - TOI

Dr. Arjun Dang is the Chief Executive Officer of the highly acclaimed for Quality, Dr. Dangs Lab, situated in Delhi NCR. He completed his M.B.B.S and M.D in Pathology from Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai post which he did a Clinical Fellowship in Liver Pathology from King's College Hospital, London. Dr. Dang has worked as a Senior Resident in the department of Specialised Hematology(including flow cytometry) in Lady Hardinge Medical College...
Released on : 09/06/2021
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covid testing in India

Centre's Covid Testing Falls Short Of Its Target

The Covid cases are on a declining trend, but the number of daily tests being conducted is way below the target the centre set two weeks ago. The government's target was to ramp up tests to 25 lakh per day by the end of May and 45 lakh per day by the end of June. As of today, India is conducting about 20 percent fewer tests than targeted. How will India meet its testing target? Dr. Arjun Dang on NDTV ...
Released on : 04/06/2021

Covid 19 | 3rd wave in Delhi | DrDangs Lab

Covid-19 3rd wave in Delhi: Why more tests are key to clearing big test

Dr. Navin Dang, consultant microbiologist and founder of Dr. Dang’s Labs, rued that with infections declining, people were becoming complacent again. What happened just before the second wave occurred — people ignoring safety norms, markets opening, social gatherings taking place. “People are under the impression that since cases are declining, they do not need to get tested,” said Dang, “but the strictness imposed during the peak of the current wave must be maintained even now."...
Released on : 31/05/2021
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covid 19 testing and vaccination

Understand Covid 19 Testing & Vaccination I Dr. Arjun Dang

Dr. Arjun Dang (CEO Dr. Dangs Lab) in conversation with Govind Ethiraj (Founder, IndiaSpend & FactChecker) Information and awareness is key to overcoming the COVID crisis. Dr. Arjun Dang busts the myths around Covid 19 vaccinations and testing, and address the most common queries : • RT-PCR Tests • Antibody Tests • CBNAAT • Inflammatory marker blood tests and more ...
Released on : 17/05/2021
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Dos and donts of covid test

Proper time to get examined, report delays, & different hurdles: Dr Navin Dang on Covid

Dr. Navin Dang, microbiologist and founding father of Dr. Dang’s Lab, sheds mild on the testing regime for Covid-19 within the newest version of The Interview. With guidelines altering periodically, and considerations about false outcomes even within the supposedly gold-standard RT-PCR check, Dr. Dang solutions query that many individuals have. He additionally explains the explanation of the delay in check experiences, and what the federal government can do to enhance the state of affairs. Watch the total interview for extra....
Released on : 12/05/2021
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second wave of covid in India

Ask The Doctor | In conversation with Dr Harsh Mahajan & Dr Navin Dang

As India deals with the deadly second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, we take a look at the country's testing numbers. Why many people with Covid-19 symptoms are testing negative? What are Covid self-test kits and when will India get them? On today's episode of AskTheDoctor, Vikram Chandra speaks to Dr. Harsh Mahajan, and Dr. Navin Dang, Founder of Dr. Dang’s Labs. ...
Released on : 03/05/2021

Covid testing kits shortage in Delhi

Not just RT-PCR, Delhi faces shortage of essential materials for Covid-19 blood tests

"Our main regret during this difficult time remains that we are unable to accommodate all our patients who have always trusted us with their reports due to various shortages related to manpower and other resources, but now with blood testing kits also in extreme shortage, the problem is further magnified. Inflammatory markers are important tests that directly dictate management of Covid positive patients and empower the physicians to take timely decisions regarding the next steps and also to advise hospital admission," said Dr. Arjun Dang, CEO of Dr. Dang's Lab....
Released on : 26/04/2021

Covid testing material shortage

Delhi Diagnostics Lab Sounds Caution Over Covid Testing Material Shortage

"We humbly request the authorities concerned to step in immediately and help diagnostic labs across India to expedite supplies of these reagents..." Dr. Dangs Lab said in a statement. "As the city grapples for oxygen and hospital beds, the latest update regarding the shortage of supplies of essential testing reagents for inflammatory marker tests such as IL6 (interleukin 6), D Dimer and CRP is becoming another problematic area," Dr. Arjun Dang of Dr. Dangs Lab said in a statement....
Released on : 24/04/2021

Coronavirus - Second wave

The second wave: Crisis and containment

As the coronavirus returns in a more infectious variant, a beleaguered nation struggles to cope with the challenges and keep up its fight. Dr. Dangs lab has seen a 150 percent increase in tests, with test slots getting filled within 20 minutes of the online portal opening....
Released on : 24/04/2021

Double mutant Covid India

Role of sequencing in mutant corona virus tells Dr. Dang

In the present time, the surge in coronavirus cases has left the whole country in a state of panic. Meanwhile, there are many people who are struggling to survive the second wave of coronavirus. This challenging phase has been attributed to the double coronavirus mutation and other variants of the virus. Dr. Naveen Dang told us about the mutant virus and the importance of sequencing in it. He said that the five percent of positive test samples are sent to the designated labs for sequencing where we come to know about the exact composition of RNA....
Released on : 24/04/2021
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Second Wave of Covid

Second Wave Of Covid? India Sees Highest Single-Day Surge Since December

With a huge spike of 35,871 fresh coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours, the highest daily rise since early December, India continues to see a surge in cases. The government on Wednesday said a total of 70 districts in 16 states have seen an increase of more than 150 percent in active cases between March 1 and 15. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has suggested states to follow protocols as the government warned against vaccine shortage. Listen to what Dr. Arjun Dang has to say on NDTV....
Released on : 18/03/2021

Delhi covid cases

Delhi: Covid cases see steady rise.

Delhi recorded more than 400 cases of Covid-19 for the second consecutive day. According to Dr. Dang, socially irresponsible behaviour is a prime cause of spurt in cases. “People have thrown caution to the winds,” he said....
Released on : 13/03/2021
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Dr Arjun Dang - CEO, Dr Dangs Lab

Our Family, Caring for Yours A young vision and a new wave of thought

Dr. Arjun Dang has been awarded the HT Trailblazer 2021. The same is awarded to a handful of change-makers who contributed significantly to India during the pandemic. Dr. Arjun Dang, Chief Executive Officer of Dr. Dangs Lab, plays a critical role in driving the strategic planning as well as managing the operations of the Laboratory. He specializes in the fields of Liver and & GI pathology and also has extensive experience in diagnosing intolerance & allergies....
Released on : 10/03/2021
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Covid vaccine pricing in India

Centre rejects RTI seeking details on COVID-19 vaccine pricing

Dr. Arjun Dang, CEO of Dr. Dang’s Labs warned that “we need to be careful not to stifle innovation”. “Vaccine development has its own tremendous costs including that of scientific expertise and on-going further research to tweak the vaccine for new variants. We were the central safety testing lab for one of the vaccine’s trials during the lockdown and I understand the immense costs and difficulty in logistics that we faced”, he explained, while also complementing the government and government hospitals for “the great job they are doing”....
Released on : 07/03/2021
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best computerized lab in Delhi

Automation of Labs: a New Beginning

Dr. Arjun Dang CEO, Dr. Dangs Lab – To maintain error-free, high precision reporting protocols especially with COVID19 testing; automation is indispensable; in all phases of testing. AI and robots wearable will always remain to be a tool to supplement, complement a qualified doctor....
Released on : 02/03/2021
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Covid Vaccine Cost in Delhi

What about Cost of Vaccine - Barkha Dutt speaks to Dr Navin Dang

In a recent move, the govt. has put a cap on how much the private sector can charge for vaccines. As of now, the vaccine is priced at Rs.250. From this, private hospitals will charge Rs. 100 as service charge. Barkha Dutt talks to Dr. Navin Dang......
Released on : 01/03/2021
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GAPIO award winner Dr Navin Dang

Dr Navin Dang was awarded GAPIO Award - 2020

GAPIO has announced Dr. Navin Dang as the winner of "Excellence in the Diagnostics Category." The Award Function was held on 28th February 2021 at the Global Indian Physicians Congress, 6:00 PM IST Chief Guest for the Award Function was Hon'ble Dr. Harsh Vardhan (Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare). ...
Released on : 28/02/2021
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HT Trail Blazers Awards

Winners of HT Trailblazers awards : Dr.Arjun Dang

Dr Arjun Dang heralded a new era in Covid testing in the country with the launch of the first drive-through Covid-19 testing facility in Punjabi Bagh’s Central Market area, which made the process completely contactless and hassle-free. The lab worked at about 200 percent of its capacity every day during the months of September to November when infections were at the peak. ...
Released on : 20/02/2021
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Gapio Awards - Dr Navin Dang

GAPIO Excellence in Diagnostics Awards 2020 - Dr Navin Dang

We are proud & honored to humbly share that Dr. Navin Dang has been recognized for his dedicated work in the field of Diagnostics. He has been nominated for this prestigious and much-coveted award by the Global Association of Physicians of Indian Origin(GAPIO)-Excellence in the Diagnostic category for the year 2020-2021....
Released on : 09/02/2021
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Awards - Dr Arjun Dang - Dr Dangs Lab

The Hindustan Times Trailblazer Award 2021 : Dr Arjun Dang

At 33 years of age and barely four years as the CEO of Dr. Dangs Labs, Dr. Arjun Dang cuts a confident picture. What it does to the business is for everyone to see, but what it means for his patients is a story that needs to be told. “The recovery to any disease has a lot of psychosomatic roles also in it. The constant motivation, guidance, and accessibility of the doctor are very important. Doctors have to be empathetic towards their patients,” he says....
Released on : 05/02/2021
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Dr Arjun Dangs recipe for change


As Dr. ARJUN DANG – CEO of DR DANGS LAB LLP – takes forward his family legacy of perfection, he catapults the #diagnostics sector into the future: Steadily and surely, one landmark change at a time. Despite the brisk rate of volume growth that marks the journey of Dr. Dangs Lab – an organization founded on the principle of ‘Quintessential Quality Diagnostics’ - Dr. Arjun Dang’s recipe for change is as simple as it is profound: “Let’s create value, not volumes.”...
Released on : 06/01/2021
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Smart testing for coronavirus

Smart testing strategy needed to tackle the pandemic.

India has done a phenomenal job of ramping up daily testing from 30,000 (in April) to the current average of 11 lakh tests a day. This is indeed a great achievement which has been possible due to the swiftness of the government in on-boarding 961 private labs (as of November 20) and increasing testing capacity. A blog by Dr. Navin Dang....
Released on : 16/12/2020
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Bacteria killing therapy

Delhi lab tests for ‘bacteria-killing’ therapy

In a first, Delhi-based Dr. Dang’s Labs has started testing patients for their susceptibility to bacteriophage, a type of virus also referred to as “bacteria eater” because of their ability to infect and kill bacteria. The therapy is an alternative for infections resistant to antimicrobial drugs currently in use....
Released on : 23/10/2020
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Phage therapy

How does phage therapy work?

Phage therapy is an approach to treat bacterial infections and can be used to treat antibiotic-resistant infections. Dr. Dangs Lab has begun bacteriophage susceptibility testing to limit the emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance. According to Dr. Arjun Dang, CEO of Dr. Dangs Lab, phage therapy is an approach to treat bacterial infections and can be used to treat antibiotic-resistant infections. ...
Released on : 23/10/2020
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Bacteriophage susceptibility testing

In a first, Dr Dangs Lab begins bacteriophage susceptibility testing to combat antibiotic resistance

Dr. Dangs Lab, a Delhi-based diagnostic laboratory has begun diagnostic bacteriophage sensitivity testing to equip patients for subsequent therapy to treat antibiotic-resistant infections, with pan-India sample collection services. This initiative will increase accessibility to phage therapy as an extremely effective alternative for the treatment of antibiotic-resistant infections, Dr.Dang told ANI....
Released on : 22/10/2020
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